Healthy Scalp


  • Ginkgo Biloba – Biloba is a bioflavonoid, potent antioxidant that is responsible for anti-aging.
  • Rosemary – a skin-purifying, detoxifying, toning, astringent, peripheral cells activator, it controls and balances the sebaceous glands.
  • Fennel -soothing responsible for ease itching from wounds or allergies.
  • Witch Hazel – as an astringent, it controls the excessive oiliness.
  • Bamboo – It retains natural and essential minerals of the fibre.
  • Guaraná – stimulating, astringent.
  • Jaborandi – Cellular stimulant, it accelerates growth.
  • Aloe Vera – healing, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
  • Arnica – powerful natural healing, for strengthening hair bulb.
  • Red Quinoa – anti-fungi, it fights seborrhea.
  • Green Tea – scalp detoxifying.
  • Menthol – oiliness control, freshness, relief of itching and possible burning feeling of the scalp.

Healthy Scalp

Capillary Therapeutic System

> Shampoo 1.000 ml

Its blood capillaries vasodilator stimulate growth and control the production of excessive oiliness, in addition to providing energy substrate enabling the production and cell renewal, promoting health and rejuvenation of the scalp and, consequently the growth of new hair, being a preventive against baldness, having the cleansing effect as a secondary effect.

It controls the oiliness, dandruff, fungi proliferation, and also helps in the relief of itching and healing injuries caused by over-production sebaceous or allergies.

Among its many actives, Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant role, protecting hair from free radicals induced by UV rays, resulting in color protection of chemically colored hair and prevents split ends.

Vitamin C presents in the collagen and elastin synthesis is essential for the capillary structural operation, as its action goes beyond the hair, being a bactericide and dermis rejuvenating – scalp.

Vitamin B3 is a niacinamide, which is a component required for cell metabolism, is responsible for the synthesis of hormones and protein. It stimulates blood circulation in the dermis and the active transport of oxygen to hair follicles, thus stimulating capillary growth, and it also has the effect of moisturizing the hair.

On the other hand, Vitamin B5, which derives from the calcium pantothenate, has an important participation in the biochemical synthesis generating mechanisms to transport energy. It also stimulates cell production that causes the tissue regeneration, a great stimulant of capillary growth and melanin production.

Pyridoxine Vitamin B6, which provides synergy for the activity of the niacinamide. It also has menthol in high concentration, which causes a cooling effect and it works as a vasodilator of blood capillaries, transporting larger quantities of oxygen to scalp cells.