How to keep your scalp healthy?

Our scalp is basically our skin and therefore needs some care and attention like the rest of the skin in our body.

We always care for our hair but we often forget that our scalp condition is reflected in it. The scalp produces the follicles and if these aren’t healthy it won’t grow or pass any nutrients to the hair above the skin.

Our skin and hair depends on our inner health and, in turn, this depends on what we put in it or more specifically what we eat, drink and exercise.

One fundamental way of keeping the scalp healthy is by eating healthy, keep hydrated and exercise. This will keep the our gut healthy, our body functioning in harmony which will reflect in our skin and hair. This will cover what can we improve internally , now lets talk about the external aspects that may influence as well.

More often than not we forget the environment influence in our health. If we exercise where there is lots of traffic or travel by public transport regularly pollution will accumulate in our hair and skin as well as being breathed in.

Using dry shampoo too often can cause blocked pores which can cause infections and inflammations in the scalp which in turn can leave micro lesions and scaring which can result in no regrowth of the hair.

Using your nails when washing your hair is not advisable as this also cause the same infections and inflammations.


  • Use a good shampoo and choose one that is also suited for hair type;
  • Use oils regularly to condition and nourish your hair as this process helps with the damage caused by daily concerns of pollution and stress;
  • Have a balance diet to ensure your hair and scalp gets all the nutrients that it needs;
  • Keep hydrated so your hair and body get the water it needs;
  • Condition your hair after every wash with the right product;
  • Do a deep conditioning periodically to ensure the moisture needed is sealed within;
  • Avoid chemical treatments, specially if these are applied directly to the scalp as there can cause damage to the scalp and hair alike;
  • Hair colouring with a suitable product, while ensuring a detox treatment is taken periodically to control hair damage.

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