Lizze Extreme Flat Iron

Lizze Extreme Flat Iron

The flat iron Lizze Extreme has a temperature from 300°F to 480°F ( 150°C to 250°C )


Save 70% of your time with the hottest titanium flat iron on the market. The best result, the best brightness, and the best Straightening in one product.

It protects the hair from direct contact with the aluminium plate, making sliding even easier, making the straightening process faster, more precise, and uniform GUARANTEEING BRIGHTEST AND SILKY HAIR!


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The Lizze Extreme Flat iron has the latest generation of technology reaching a temperature of 250*C/480F.

Everything designed for better results, hair health and professional comfort.

Product Specifications

Voltage: 220V
Temperature: 250*C/480F
Function: Straighten The Hair
Colour: Grey
Product Dimensions: 290mm x 30mm x 30mm
Packing Dimensions: 360mm x 140mm x 50mm
Titanium Plates: 29mm x 110mm
Cable Length: 2.7m
Net Weight: 450g
Gross Weight: 560g
Packaging Content: Flat Iron and Manual
Certification: INMETRO
Certificate Number: QC-2311-19
Certifying Body: QC Cert