Lizze PHOTON Extreme

Lizze PHOTON Extreme

Photon Lizze Extreme is a photonic system accelerator and enhancer of progressive, permanent brushes, dyes, relaxation, hydration, reconstructions, and straightening treatments.

Technology, agility, bold design, lightness, and satisfaction with the results!


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Its Blue light provides better penetration of chemicals in the hair fibre and the red light strengthens hair fibre, follicles and bulbs reducing the hair loss.

Innovate and increase the movement of your salon and helps retaining clients.


Photon Lizze Extreme is equipped with the highest technology, capable to provide spectacular results in the hair.

This is because its 450 nanometre Blue Light waves, come into direct contact with the hair cuticle, obtaining more lasting and surprising results. Upon contact with the hair, the laser initiates chemicals reactions between the product compounds distributed in the hair, enhancing its effect and prolonging its durability through penetration and fixation of the product in the capillary fibres.

The 600 nanometres Red Light waves penetrates the scalp treating hair loss, psoriasis, controlling sebum glands, kills bacteria and helps with skin regeneration.


Photon Lizze Extreme allows you to have straight hair without putting on health at risk because:

  • Accelerates application and improves results;
  • Softens the hair fiber, better fixing the products in the hair;
  • Ensures uniformity in treatment processes;
  • Ensures durability of the treatment.

Another great differential of Photon Lizze is the no need to separate the hair because the light reaches the whole head. Better hair, better scalp.