Tanino Colour

Developed with advanced Tannin INTERACT technology which intensifies the action of agents, added to the hair.

A complete and exclusive line for professional use that offers better health and protection to the hair and scalp and allows for the creation of perfect and precise colors.


Advanced technology formed with a complex of Tannins that interact in a precise and functional way with hair fibers. The Tannin’s main function is to push actives in the formula to the hair, which improves absorption and adherence.

The use of this colouring active dramatically decreases the proportion of ammonia in the formula, while its agents restructure and agglutinate the fibers promoting cortex reparation.

The technology is enriched with Ceril-Protect® action that provides a layer of protection with the ability to align the cuticles, preventing the loss of pigments and hydration, and improving colour durability. This same technology offers greater comfort to the scalp during colour application.


Consisting of a palette of 66 permanent shades, developed to treat the hair fibre deeply with bio actives that make pigments and moisturizing agents more effective, it also provides strength and resilience for vivid and intense colour results with better coverage and even more resistant hair strands.

  • Exclusive Tannin Interact Technology®
  • Maximum conditioning power
  • Less ammonia
  • Treats hair deeply throughout the colouring process
  • Maintains the health and integrity of the hair fibre
  • Safe application provides comfort to the scalp


Lightener dust-free.

Powerful lightener system with our COLLAGEN RECONSTRUCTOR® technology.

Compound with bio actives that lift up to 9 levels and provides ultra-fast action. Protects and maintains resilience during the lightening process.

Formula enriched with nutrient compensating agents. High-tech strand interaction restores collagen during lightening process, causing a transposition of nutrients, and restoring the collagen stripped out by the lightening.


Intelligent Revealing Emulsion

Contains bio actives with encapsulated intelligent technology that is activated after reaching a certain degree of oxidation. Protects the epidermis, balances the oxidation process, and prevents damage caused by the colouring and lightening processes to achieve optimum colour revelation and consistency.

Its natural bioactive agent is linseed oil, which enables the penetration of the components added to it, while it restores the hydrolipidic nanoparticles and moisturizing agents.

Preserves the integrity of the hair strands, reduces scalp irritation, and promotes safe application.

  • Exclusive Tannin Interact Technology®
  • Optimum colour revelation and consistency
  • Strong protection, minimizes possible harmful actions
  • Greater colour fixation
  • Kinetic control reaction
  • Proven stability
  • Easy application without separating the bio actives added to it
  • High-performance technology with anti-yellowing molecules.