Tanino Therapy

Brazil has a great source of natural components and it is the richest biodiversity on the planet. Until today it was discovered over 100 species of tannins, each one with its specificity.

First to use Tannin as a cosmetic agent, we used in our formulations the most noble Tannins and cosmetically more efficient extracted from trees barks. Through this, we developed an exclusive technology and patented by Salvatore Cosmetics, the Taninoplastia.

TANINOPLASTIA is the balance between nature and technology, which transforms the organic raw material, Tannin, an organic bioactive, that serves as protein binding, naturally and safely conducing and enhancing the action of every compound active to it, thus promoting greater adhesion and absorption of any hair fiber treatment.
It revitalizes the hair comprehensively, recovers hydration, strength, health and the integrity of hair.

Tanino Therapy Line with TANINOPLASTIA, state-of-the art technology in its composition. The first line in the world with TANNIN organic active, which was created for different treatment processes with products that complement each other when associated, thus enabling the creation of new services within its need, in an individual and authentic way.

Tannin Benefits: Antiseptic , Healing, Bactericide, Anti-inflammatory, Precipitator, Astringent, Antioxidant, and Water Soluble.

11 products = 20 Treatments

Tanino Therapy Product Line


High performance cuticle prepper
Shampoo 1000ml

This anionic fiber cleansing shampoo has moderate alkalinity. Tensioactive anionic changes prepare the hair for the cationic changes. Deep-cleanses without tensing or being harsh on hair.

Its interaction with the B product is balanced, their surfactants complement each other and boost one another. A must have for specific treatments.


TANINOPLASTIA® the evolution of technology
Conditioner 1000ml

The Cationic treatment B contains a large concentration of MULTITANNINS that enhance the straightening and alignment of the cuticles. It creates a chain of proteins in the fibers, providing strength and resilience due to adhesion of its agents to the cuticle layer.


  • Creamy and consistent texture in a concentrated product;
  • Versatile smoothing, full absorption due to the Cation Magnetic Control technology;
  • Fast sealing with reduced brushing and flat iron time;
  • Quick sealing, for faster blow drying and hair straightener.
  • “Nourishing Blend” with myrrh extract, propolis extract, beeswax (protective agents that promote permeable film and sealing), and candelilla wax (optimum hydration retention) restructuring the inner layer, thus allowing effective performance of the treatment, and consequently greater strength and durability.


Maximum hydration shampoo
Shampoo 1000ml

Shampoo C with hydrating formula and balanced pH provides hydrophilic and lipid replacement, preventing the dilation and the dryness of the cuticle layers. Cleanse and prepares hair for treatment. Perfect for damaged and dry hair.


  • Contains coconut oil and positive charges (cationic) that protect inner capillary moisture, keeping hair healthy and hydrated even after cleansing;
  • Ideal after hair discoloration and chemical processes;
  • Contains natural antioxidants that protect hair from free radicals and high temperatures.


The vitality of the oils with deep moisturizing
Treatment 500ml

The ultra-intensive treatment D provides hydration. It is composed of vitamins A, E and C; omegas 6, 7 and 9; unsaturated fatty acids and high concentration of elastin.


  • Coconut oil ensures deep lipid replacement among the cuticle layers, thus making hair shinier, silkier and softer;
  • Collagen performs an internal repair that fills and retains the active polymers;
  • Elastin has a structural protein function and is the great advantage of this product. It created abundant elastic fibers so hair becomes extremely flexible and strong. It is composed by the amino acids glycine, alanine, valine and proline, which restore and retain the hydration of the hair;
  • Moringa oil is a powerful natural antioxidant that contains behenic and oleic acids to provide softness and flexibility. Improves combability, shine, softness, and silkiness.


Thermal protector finisher
Oil 60ml

E Finisher Oil has highly adhesive active biodenticals, provides fast absorption, aligns the cuticles, and reveals intense shine to hair.

Contains coconut oil and essential oils in volatile form to repair hair immediately without causing oleosity.


  • Thermal protector;
  • Odor neutralizer and powerful finisher against external actions.
  • Linseed oil provides hydration, reduces frizz, and is rich in omega 3 and 6;
  • Triglyceride oil, derived from coconut oil present as ester, with high and fast absorption, leaves hair light and free from oiliness;
  • Provides high moisturizing power and retains the moisture of the fiber.


pH Stabilizer
Treatment 500ml

Treatment F restores the hair cuticles after chemical protocols with pH oscillation. Due to its low pH, it neutralizes the excessive alkalinity and possible hair acidity, and brings pH back to its original level.

It contains an ultra-moisturizing base and unique active ingredients, serving as a capping agent for faster and more intense results and favoring the perfect balance and reorganization of the hair strands.


  • Strengthens the hair fiber by bonding it from within by stabilizing its pH;
  • Neutralizes acids and alkaline agents;
  • Controls chemical aggressors that cause hair oxidation;
  • Provides intense nutrition and repair of the hair cuticles.


Keratin capillary multi reconstructor
Treatment 500ml

Product G provides full cuticle repair, strengthens and protects the cuticles.


  • Its formula contains tannin associated with wheat germ proteins that repair all cuticle layers, fill in the fissures and retain inner humidity of the fibers.
  • The use of this product is essential in many treatments; when the wheat protein is bound to other amino acids, it intensifies repair and sealing, increased the adhesion of active ingredients and provides strength and density to the layers affected by chemical and physical protocols.
  • The combination of the three active components tannin, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed wheat protein results in a safe and unique treatment. Hydrolyzed proteins have great penetration and high absorption.


Capillary stress release. Repair and protection of physical processes.
Treatment 500ml

The Multivitamin H contains a group of essential vitamins of high affinity with capillary keratin. It is a lipid replacement complex, rich in fatty acids that provide instant repair. Shea butter and Cupuacu together result in intense shie, softness, flexibility, and extreme hydration. This main function of this complex is to moisturize, repair and protect the stressed cuticle layers, and prevent damage caused by the use of flat irons, hair dryers, sun exposure, and pollution, among others.


  • Rich in vitamins A and E;
  • Envelops the hair strands in a protective film, which helps retain inner moisture and protects against heat and external aggressors;
  • Aligns the cuticles, controls frizz, and smooths split ends enabling shine and movement.


Therapeutic Capillary System
Shampoo 1000ml

The stimulating shampoo I contains a rich formula composed of plant extracts and vitamins to create cellular regeneration, strengthen the hair bulb, and balance the sebaceous gland. Stimulates growth and provides energy substrates that enable the production and renewal of cells, which results in a healthy and rejuvenated scalp and new hair growth.


  • It prevents hair loss.
  • Controls oleosity, dandruff, proliferation of fungi, helps relieve itching, and promotes the healing of injuries caused by the excess of sebum production or allergies;
  • Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant function, because it protects the hair from free radicals induced by UV rays, thus protecting chemically colored hair and preventing split ends;
  • Vitamin C, present in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, is essential to the function of the capillary structure, besides being bactericidal and rejuvenating the scalp;
  • Vitamin B3 is the component necessary for the cell metabolism, and is responsible for the synthesis of protein and hormones. It stimulates the blood circulation of the dermis and activates the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth;
  • Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the biochemical synthesis, as it generates capillary energy flow mechanisms, stimulates cellular production, and is a great hair growth and melanin production stimulant;
  • Vitamin B6 has a high concentration of menthol, a cooling effect that vasodilates blood capillaries, enabling them to carry a greater amount of oxygen to the scalp cells.


  • GINKO BILOBA is a bioflavonoid and powerful antioxidant responsible for anti-aging
  • ROSEMARY a dermopurifyer, detoxifier, tonic, astringent, and cell activator, controls and balances the sebaceous glands.
  • WITCH HAZEL astringent controls excessive oiliness
  • FENNEL soothes redness and itching from injuries or allergies
  • BAMBOO SHOOT remineralizes and retains the natural essential mineral salts of the fibers.
  • GUARANA stimulant and astringent
  • JABORANDI cellular stimulant, accelerates growth.
  • ALOE VERA healing, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
  • ARNICA powerful natural healing, strengthening of the hair bulb.
  • RED QUINOA antifungal, fights seborrhea.
  • GREEN TEA scalp detox
  • MENTHOL oil control, refresh, relief from itching and possible burning of the scalp


Replacement of Amino Acids and Proteins
Treatment 500ml

The main active ingredient of treatment J is the Luna Matrix, a compound that combines several important amino acids that are present in keratin, such as cysteine, alanine, and arginine. Together they create a Single System that restructures hair from the cortex and recreates lost capillary mass by filling in fissures. This bioactive effect returns hair to its original condition and provides extra protection for future mechanical and oxidative damage. The compound enables greater interaction and permeationg, mainly in hair that has a higher mass loss, such as hair that has suffered from chemical processes, damage caused by radiation or is naturally fragile. Its formula also contains D-Pantenol — pantothenic acid — acting in the synthesis of lipids and protein, providing greater moisture retention and strength to the collagen fibres of the hair and thus preventing split ends.


  • Strength and resilience.
  • Replacement of amino acid and protein layers.
  • Maintenance of natural flexibility.


Treatment 500ml

The toner K combines bioactive lipid replenishment with toning pigments, which helps correct unwanted yellowish tones, while restoring lost moisture from the bleaching process and fiber oxidation. Its formulation contains a high amount of Moringa oil, Macadamia oil, Babassu oil, and Shea butter, which together promote water replenishment to the hair cuticle layers, protect the fiber, and achieve the desired tone without dryness.

Coffee extract provides antioxidant action that prevents the effects of free radicals and premature fading.


  • Moisturising toning – does not dry out the hair.
  • Hair colour and treatment durability.
  • Internal replenishment.