TaninoTherapy – Inspired by the force of nature and adapted to your hair

TaninoTherapy was created to fulfil a gap in our industry. There’s a huge demand for different colouration techniques (or should I say discolouration) to follow the trends and fashion but no foundation of treatments that prepare the hair fibre for such aggressive services. TaninoTherapy is the foundation for all services, from discolouration, definition, straightening and even recovery. If you have our professional hair line in your salon you are ready for any hair service.

With 25+ treatments, it offers general, specific and personalised treatments. We offer a Hair Spa for your clients where they don’t only experience an amazing result but also a relaxing and memorable experience.

TaninoTherapy takes salons to a different level. We give training to professionals to turn them into specialists in our services, where the consultation and treatment are designed for each client depending on their needs for long lasting results.

We are recreating a specialised industry where clients can trust the professional only to deliver the best services and results.

Our passion for healthy, beautiful hair translates in our success!

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